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Welcome to your Future!

Welcome back to another school year. Here's what the classes are doing:

IT 8 Long Term Plans
IT 9 Long Term Plans
ICT 11 Programming Pre AP Long Term Plans
ICT 12 Programming Long Term Plans
AP Computer Science A 12 Long Term Plans
Physical Education 8 Long Term Plans
Physical Education 9 Long Term Plans

What is design - a graphical look?
Why computer are just tools - a graphical look?
What is computational thinking - a graphical look?
How is computational thinking explained - a graphical look?

AP Computer Science Principles 12 - Mr. Kim's Site

Above is a diagram of Information and Communications Technology courses that is available at Rockridge Secondary School. This web site contains information for the students and their parents.

"Rockridge strives to inspire students to achieve their full potential by providing a supportive learning environment rich with opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed."

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